Parish Finance Committee

The purpose of the PFC is to help the parish priest in the administration of the assets of the parish in accordance with “The Code of Canon Law (Can. 537)” and in compliance with the Handbook of Internal Financial Controls.
(set out by the Diocesan Finance Committee)

The main role of the PFC is to ensure that the assets are used only for the advancement of the church within the parish area and in accordance with the Code of Canon Law.

To provide financial administrative support to the Parish Priest in accordance with universal law and the norms laid down by the Bishop.
To prepare an annual income and expenditure budget for the Parish and to regularly monitor the ‘actual-versus-budget’ performance to enable early detection of variances and determine appropriate solutions.
To implement and monitor adherence to financial risk management procedures and controls, as contained in the Handbook of Internal Financial Controls;
To advise the Diocesan Finance Committee of any significant breaches that have occurred or any remedial actions that have been taken.

Chair PFC – Rev. Gregory Murphy OP – Parish Priest.
Lay Members of PFC – Bob Ireland (Team Leader), Maggie Stewart, Nick Marra, John Sinclair (Admin)